Golf Cart Drive Clutch Assy for Yamaha G2 G8 G9 G11 G14 G16 G20 G21 G22 1985-2006

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  • Drive Clutch Fits OEM#: JN6-G6201-03 JN6-G6201-04
  • Secondary Driven Clutch Fits OEM#: CP-0105 6893
  • Clutch Drive Belt Fits OEM#: J38-46241-00, J55-G6241-00
  • Belt Size:1-1/8"W x 39-3/4"outer diameter


  • Drive Clutch wiil Fits OEM#: JN6-G6201-03 JN6-G6201-04
  • Secondary Driven Clutch wiil Fits OEM#: JN6-G6270-00,JN6-G6271-02; J55-G6270-01,JN6-G6271-02; J55-G6270-01
  • Clutch Drive Belt will fit OEM#: J38-46241-00, J55-G6241-00
  • Belt Size: Measures approximately 1-1/8"W x 39-3/4"OD


  • Drive clucth made of high quality durable Aluminum material, wear-resistant and has good heat dissipation, much light weight than original metal material, highly improve performance, can reduce engine load and gain more power.
  • This golf cart drive clutch assy helps your cart run more efficiently. It meets or exceeds the OEM quality and specifications
  • Belts can dry rot and tear over time, it requires replacing to ensure your golf cart’s performance. A worn belt will slip and your cart will not be able to run properly until it is replaced
  • This cart driven clutch is completed with weights and spring
  • Bolt on replacement & easy installlation

Fit for

Yamaha G2 1985 - 2006
G8 1985 - 2006
G9 1985 - 2006
G11 1985 - 2006
G14 1985 - 2006
G16 1985 - 2006
G20 1985 - 2006
G21 1985 - 2006
G22 1985 - 2006