Golf Cart Brake Assembly with Brake Shoes For Driver Side Club Car Precedent 1995-2019

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  • Brand new replacement rear brake cluster (Drive Side)
  • Material: cast iron
  • Including backing plate, adjustable mechanism, brake shoes with retainers, springs, activating lever and dust cover
Manufacturer & Part Number
BRK EZ 22997G1 BU
1018233-02 CC
1033802-01 CC
17081-G1 CP
BRK-009 EC
BRK-4246 EC
17081G1 EZ
17081-G1 EZ
22907G1 EZ
22907-G1 EZ
4-002 FP
17081-G1 IMC
9498 IMC
18-029 MJ
J17-27209-00 YA
JN6-F7290-03-00 YA

Note: Sometimes, when golf carts are lifted - the brake clusters are switched swides so the actuator arm is located on the top (allowing for the use of the factory brake cables). If this is the case on your model, you would order the opposite side brake cluster