For Sur-ron Light Bee X / Segway X160 X260 / 79Bike Falcon M Titanium Complete Screws Bolts Kit

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Fit for:
Sur-ron Light Bee X;
79 Bike Falcon M;
Segway X160 X260.

  • Material: TC4 titanium alloy
  • Surface Treatment: Burn blue
  • Condition: New & Premium Quality
  • Compared with aluminum alloys, titanium alloys are stronger and lighter.



1x Bolt for Brake Line
3x Bolts for Upper Triple Tree
4x Bolts for Lower Triple Tree
10x Bolts for Front Shock Absorber
8x Bolts for Handlebar Stem
6x Bolts for Front Brake Disc
2x Bolts for Key Cover
2x Bolts for Rear Fender
2x Bolts for Chain Guard
4x Bolts for Headlight
2x Bolts for Throttle Spacer
4x Bolts for Foot Rest Bracket
5x Bolts for Rear Sprocket
6x Bolts for Rear Brake Disc
4x Bolts for Front Rear Caliper Mount
4x Bolts for Electric Motor
4x Bolts for Underbody Engine Guard
6x Bolts for Controller
2x Bolts for Battery
4x Bolts for Subframe