For Sur-Ron Light Bee X / Segway X260 / 79Bike Falcon M / E Ride Pro-SS Front Rear Foot Peg Pedal Bracket Set

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Fit for:
Surron Light Bee X;
79 Bike Falcon M;
E Ride Pro-SS;
Segway X260.

  • Material: 6061 aluminum surface is oxidized.

Front Footpegs Pedal Bracket:

  • Reason for modification: The original pedal position cannot be adjusted, and there is no design for footrest in the rear seat.
  • It adds an adjustable auxiliary pedal on the basis of the original pedal.
  • Five new positions for the main pedal to choose from.

Rear Footpegs Pedal Bracket:

  • It adds rear footrest for easy carrying people.
  • Foldable auxiliary pedal, anti-slip knurled thread design