17" Supermoto Tubeless Front Rear Cast Wheels for Honda CRF250R 2014-2024 / CRF450R 2013-2024

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  • Fit for:
    Honda CRF 250R 2014-2024
    Honda CRF 250RX 2019-2024
    Honda CRF 450R 2013-2024
    Honda CRF 450RX 2017-2024
  • 17"x 3.5" tubless front cast wheel rim, axle spacer kit
  • 17"x 4.25" tubless rear cast cush drive wheel rim, axle spacer kit
  • Wheels are made from aluminum alloy A365 standard material for good strength & durability.
  • The rear wheel design adds CUSH Drive, which has a cushioning effect to reduce the impact force during riding and increase the service life.
  • Tubeless tire construction.
  • Spray painted wheel rim with anodized flange.
  • Easy to install, no need to replace the tires, non-destructive installation.
  • Each wheel set have been tested, guaranteeing the best in quality and performance.
  • Professional installation recommended.
  • Red and black colors are available.
  • Lightweight design & sporty style.
  • Fits original sprockets and brake rotors.